AdWise Network Gets $2.3 Million in Financing

Adwise USA, an ad network that provides
ISPs with the capability of serving ads in pop-up windows, this week closed
a $2.3 million round of financing, led by Emicom Group, an Internet holding company.

The money raised in this second round will go to expanding Adwise’s sales
and marketing efforts in the US and Europe.

The company’s technology allows ISPs to deliver ads and rich media
content directly to their users, irrespective of what Web sites they’re

“Adwise is leading a revolution in Internet advertising that will benefit
advertisers, ISPs and most of all Internet consumers,” says Dov Gal, CEO of

“The Adwise Network supplies advertisers with access to 100 percent
of the ISP’s users 100 percent of the time, delivers targeted advertisement
based on the real-time activity of the web surfer, and protects the
anonymity and privacy of the user.”

The Emicom Group, which led the investment round by throwing in $1.3
million, was founded in 1999 by the founders and former executive
management team of Memco Software. The company hopes to incubate Internet
companies in a CMGI-like play.

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