, Team for British Airways Campaign, British Airways‘ longtime interactive
agency, on Thursday called upon to
develop a sweepstakes aimed at pushing the airline’s summer flights to London.

The campaign, whose other objective is increasing transactions at the
company’s Web site, will integrate with a big offline advertising campaign,
and will be similarly themed with images and characters from DreamWorks
Pictures and Aardman Studios’ animated film, “Chicken Run.”

All of the elements of the effort — both online and offline — will drive
people to the British Airways Web site, where they can sign up for the
“Escape to London” sweepstakes.

Prizes include a no-holds-barred trip to London, several economy trips, and
tickets to the animated film. “Chicken Run” tells the story of a flock of
brave chickens who are determined to escape from the farm before they can
be turned into chicken pot pies. Mel Gibson, Julia Sawalha and Miranda
Richardson head the voice cast.

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