Corp. Launches in Spanish hired al Punto Advertising Agency to implement a campaign to market its site to the Hispanic marketplace. recently launched in Spanish. The site features new and
refurbished products from dozens of manufacturers.

Ads planned for the upcoming holiday season include Spanish-speaking
newspapers La Opinion (Los Angeles), El Diario (New York), El Nuevo Herald
(Miami) and Exito (Chicago). Billings were not disclosed. The Hispanic
marketing agency al Punto is one of the largest in the Western U.S. and has
Disneyland, Toshiba International and Coco’s restaurants among its clients.

Allnet said it will also publish and release its press statements in Spanish
to the Hispanic financial community.

“The site, when first
launched last July, was the first Web site dedicated solely to offering all
monitor-related merchandise,” said Robert Aubel, president and CEO. “Now it is the first to offer it in Spanish.”

“The Hispanic market in the United States is the fifth largest Spanish-speaking
market in the world. This market accounted for more than $273 billion in
aggregate buying power last year. We have implemented plans to launch our
auction site in Spanish before Christmas
and in January.”

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