NetCreations Launches “Sprockets and Cogs” Search Engine

of New York, an
opt-in e-mail marketing company, has launched Sprockets and Cogs, a specialized
search engine that indexes technical sites containing information for Web
developers and programmers.

The brainchild of NetCreations Vice President of Technology Ryan Scott,
Sprockets and Cogs allows developers to simultaneously search “cogs,” or
groupings of related Web sites, to zero in on the technical topics that
they’re looking for. For example, a developer looking for help with the PERL
command, “sort,” would select the PERL cog, then type in the relevant keyword
to access a menu of links to related technical documentation.

Sprockets and Cogs is powered by PinPoint, NetCreations’ personalized Web
site search tool that brings the power of Internet indexing to individual

“While working on PinPoint, I discovered a real need for a comprehensive
source of technical documentation that none of the other search engines
provided,” Scott said. “I created Sprockets and Cogs to help other developers
access this information quicker, easier and more efficiently.”

Webmasters wishing to submit their sites can do so here.

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