Ad Lets Shoppers Print Out Book Excerpts

Narrative Communications Corp., Hewlett-Packard and launched a
banner ad that offers consumers an instant excerpt of Tom Wolfe’s best-selling
“A Man In Full.”

The ad allows potential book buyers around the world to print out an excerpt
of the book, currently No. 1 on’s Hot 100, and order it immediately
if they like what they read.

The banner, created using Enliven HardCopy Web advertising technology, was
jointly developed by Narrative Communications
and HP.

To entertain the consumer, the ad even includes a Tom Wolfe trivia game that
can be played while printing the five-page excerpt. The ad can be seen on and
is committed to continually improving our customers’ online shopping
experience,” said Jodie Jones,’s advertising manager. “We are
pleased to be able to leverage the potential of Narrative’s print-from-the-banner technology.”

Enliven HardCopy is a collaborative effort between Narrative and HP to enable
advertisers to incorporate printing capabilities within Web ads.

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