Andromedia Ships PersonalARIA

Andromedia, Inc., a supplier of
e-marketing software, delivered PersonalARIA, a customizable user interface
for real-time Web site activity reporting and analysis.

With PersonalARIA, marketers can create, run and save customized reports in
real time using a simple point and click interface, the company said.
PersonalARIA is already installed and in use at sites including The Weather Channel, Encyclopedia Britannica, Toshiba and

First announced in March of this year, PersonalARIA is the newest addition to
Andromedia’s ARIA family of Web site activity analysis products. Using
PersonalARIA, e-marketers can develop custom reports without the assistance
of their IT departments, avoiding unnecessary bottlenecks to productivity,
the company said.

“The goal of PersonalARIA was to give more power and control to online
marketers,” said Steve Kanzler, vice president of marketing at Andromedia.

“When a marketer creates a new campaign they want to instantly measure the
effectiveness of the campaign. They want to be able to specify what to
measure and how to report it, and they want to know how various visitor
segments behave. PersonalARIA puts all this capability at the fingertips of
the online marketer.”

PersonalARIA is included with the purchase of ARIA 3.0, ARIA Enterprise 3.0,
and ARIA eCommerce 3.0. ARIA 3.0 is priced from $15,895, ARIA Enterprise from
$30,895, and ARIA eCommerce from $34,895.

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