Apartments For Rent Online in Deal with InfoSpace

Dallas-based For Rent Magazine, publisher of apartment rental
guides, said it is now distributing its electronic version, Apartments For Rent Online, throughout
the InfoSpace classifieds network.

The InfoSpace classifieds network now includes links to the For Rent
apartment listings which contain color photos, floor plans, For Rent’s
exclusive E-Mapping feature, and Real Audio Current Talking Ads.

For Rent Magazine claims it was the first Web site for apartment
listings that combined Internet, audio, and wireless communications,
including its Page Lead e-mail to wireless lead tracking paging service.

The For Rent Magazine Web site says it has more than 600,000
visitors and delivers over 1.3 million apartment ad views per month.

InfoSpace recently said that a Nielsen I/PRO audit showed it at 115 million
page views for the month of January with 6.5 million visitors.

In a separate agreement with InfoSpace, For Rent’s Web site will soon begin
offering the new InfoSpace shopping tool–The Ultimate Product
Search–through strategically placed banners that will direct For Rent site
users to
the InfoSpace shopping agent.

For Rent believes that such a program will ultimately benefit its apartment
advertisers by creating an environment where apartment shoppers can find
items either needed or replaced during the moving process.

For Rent Magazine, a division of United Advertising Publications
Inc., puts out 44 magazines covering major metropolitan locations across
the U.S. listing over 2.1 million apartment units.

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