Auto-by-Tel: Superbowl Ad Results Just Super]

Irvine, CA-based Auto-By-Tel, which invested $1.3 million
in a TV ad during the Superbowl, said it saw a traffic increase of 1,700%
immediately following the broadcast.

“The numbers are incredible,” said Pete Ellis, president and chief executive
officer of Auto-By-Tel and the marketing mind behind the spending on the
30-second Super Bowl spot. “Within minutes after the commercial aired, we
were tracking a 1,700% increase in Web site traffic and an amazing 93%
increase in Purchase Requests for new and used cars.”

The spot, entitled “Come As You Are,” aired during the latter part of the
second quarter and showed a pajama-clad woman submitting her Purchase Request
on the Internet and sailing through cyberspace to pick up her new vehicle,
financed through Auto-By-Tel Acceptance Corp.

The message that low-cost car buying is quick and easy worked–not only was
there a huge increase in Purchase Requests, but the use of Auto-By-Tel’s
financing arm also notably increased, the company said.

“We were the first Internet-based company to realize that mainstream media is
a great way to reach Internet consumers,” said Ellis. “Apparently, other
high-tech companies took note and, this year, many used the Super Bowl to
brand their products and services.”

Auto-By-Tel said it is already committed to run its Super Bowl commercial on
network and cable television, including ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, ESPN2 and FX.

Auto-By-Tel, which launched in 1995, is an Internet-based purchasing program
for new and certified used vehicles and related consumer services, including
automotive financing, leasing and insurance.

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