Launches First National Advertising Campaign

Consumer automotive Internet service launched its first nationally
broadcast advertising campaign, a $12 million effort created by the San
Francisco office of Lowe, Lintas and Partners,’s agency of record.

Ads will be broadcast on network and cable television through mid-next year.
The commercials humorously dramatize what can be the most frustrating aspects
of the traditional car buying process and apply them to other common purchase
occasions such as ordering a meal, buying a dress and purchasing a newspaper.

The campaign then shows how offers consumers a wealth of research
and the opportunity to buy a car through its network of member dealers.

“We believe that this advertising is the best in this space and among the
best of Internet advertising because it not only entertains, it also provides
a message that is grounded in a fundamental consumer insight,” said Jim
Wolfe, vice president of marketing at

“We did not rush to market
with unpersuasive advertising but did our homework with the consumer to
create entertaining advertising linked to a compelling message.”

In addition to traditional quantitative tests with 1,400 consumers, hired a clinical psychologist to conduct in-depth consumer

The research revealed that consumers find themselves in an
unequal and intimidating situation during the traditional car buying process.

Frequently, they experience a loss of control and feel shame if they do not
get the car they want for a price they can afford.

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