Avenue A, 2Roam Team for Wireless Ad Serving, Tracking

In the latest instance of a Web advertising firm making moves in the
wireless space, media buying and tracking company Avenue A Inc., on Tuesday partnered with
2Roam, a wireless application service
provider, to develop a closed-loop tracking system for wireless ads.

Avenue A has made its name and reputation through its
tools for tracking and optimizing advertising, and it’s hoping to parlay
this expertise into a position on the wireless Web. The partnership with
2Roam is designed to help Avenue A use its technology to measure wireless

“Teaming with wireless leader 2Roam allows Avenue A to extend its testing,
analysis and optimization solution to include wireless media placements,”
said Scott Lipsky, Avenue A’s co-founder and chief technology officer.

“This is a very important step forward, as we go beyond the early testing in
wireless ad serving that is happening today. For the first time, we will be
able to offer return on investment results of wireless marketing campaigns.”

There’s no word when the system is expected to be operational.

Avenue A clients include Eddie
, Expedia, Microsoft, Gateway and TicketmasterOnline-CitySearch.

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