Banners Kind of Lame? Tell Marketers What You Think

Are Web Banners, Like, Lame? Interactive agency i-traffic has set up a site to allow
marketers to discuss the issue and present non-banner marketing opportunities
in an online forum.

In a panel at the Jupiter Communications Online Advertising conference last
week, Scott Heiferman, CEO of i-traffic, addressed the topic of “Haven’t
people learned to tune out banners?”

“Once upon a time, people looked at banners online,” he said. “People weren’t
yet conditioned to tune out anything banner-shaped. They hadn’t already seen
countless banners that were irrelevant to them. They hadn’t been tricked into
clicking on some. What’s done is done: banners suck for most marketers. So,
how does a marketer with something good to say reach out to online users?”

The forum asks marketers to boast their
‘beyond the banner’ prowess and present online marketing opportunities that
extend further than mere banner placements.

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