Offers Ad-Backed E-Mail to Sites

Beverly Hills, CA-based Inc. launched a site that offers advertising supported
e-mail services to enable Web site owners to offer free, Web-based e-mail
accounts to their visitors.

The consumer’s -mail address includes the Web site’s domain name (e.g.,
[email protected]’
Webmasters who sign up for a BigMailBox account receive 20% of the
advertising inventory, the company said. In addition, Webmasters receive
banner tracking information and ad server software.

“The word-of-mouth response to BigMailBox has been tremendous! We are very
pleased that our clients have recognized our commitment to superior customer
service and are looking forward to continuing with our goal of giving every
Webmaster on the Internet a BigMailBox account” said Rob Walther, spokesman
for BigMailBox.

BigMailBox gives Webmasters the opportunity to build brand name recognition
while generating advertising revenue. Webmasters also build a valid “member”
mailing list. Repeat traffic and enhanced domain name branding is created as
members return each day to check their e-mail box, the company said. The
service is free to the Webmaster.

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