BURST! Enables Rich Media Ads Across Network

Burlington, MA-based rep firm BURST! Media said it has enabled advanced
rich media
advertising across its entire network of more than 2,500 member Web sites.

Rich media with animation, sound and interactivity in the space typically
filled by
JPEG/GIF-based banner advertisements “is the future of online advertising,”
the company said.

“Advertisers are shifting over to rich media ads,” said Jarvis Coffin, CEO of
BURST!, “and it is in the best interest of our customers–the Web
publishers–to be able to display rich media ads. Not only will it make our
Web sites that much more attractive to advertisers, but it will open up more
opportunities for them to earn revenue.”

BURST! said its new enhanced code enables advertisers to take advantage of the
entire BURST! network of 2,500+ sites for targeted and non-targeted rich media
promotions. BURST! members benefit from being able to select non-targeted rich
media advertising programs to fill their “remnant” inventory, the company

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