Classified Ads Portal Lines Up Top Ten Markets‘s, a classified
advertising portal, has lined up newspapers and Web sites to cover the top
ten markets in the US, which account for 40 percent of the nation’s population.

The portal allows advertisers to buy both online and
newspaper classified ads through a Web interface, and lets them target
regionally as well as locally. The top markets represented include New York
City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston,
Washington, D.C., Dallas, Detroit, Atlanta and Denver. launched in February of 1999, and has since
been working to sign up publications. It now gives advertisers access to
print publications such as The New York Times, The Washington
, and The San Jose Mercury News, as well as online
publications like

“We have created a valuable one-stop portal to help advertisers simplify
their jobs and extend their sales potential beyond their local areas to
people in the top markets in the U.S.,” says Leslie Bernhard, chief
executive office for

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