Coinstar Signs With THINK New Ideas

THINK New Ideas Inc. said that Coinstar
Inc. has selected THINK to develop its integrated branding and consumer
messaging initiatives nationwide.

THINK Seattle, the company’s newest acquisition, will provide the lead
management in the execution of the program. Billings were not disclosed.

Coinstar machines are installed in 30 states and 40 regional markets
throughout the U.S. and its network of coin management machines has processed
more than $500 million worth of America’s pocket change. The company has
chosen THINK to define and communicate its brand, with the goal of increasing
awareness and loyalty, while building market share.

“We selected THINK Seattle because we believe in its concept of extreme brand
loyalty,” said Rod Brooks, vice president of sales and marketing for Coinstar.
“We’ve been very pleased with Coinstar’s tremendous growth, and as we move
forward we want to make sure that consumers understand who we are and what we

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