Comet Cursor Reaches 10 Million Users

Comet Systems, makers of the
patent-pending cursor
changing technology, said its Comet Cursor has logged its 10 millionth unique
user after one year, and is adding a new user every 1.4 seconds.

Comet Systems said it now ranks as the fourth most commonly accessed Web
tools site behind Real Networks, ICQ and Macromedia, according to Media Metrix listings.

Interestingly, Comet Systems has not purchased a single advertisement.

“We’ve built our success around a ‘viral marketing’ model. Web developers
have seen the cursor live on other sites, and quickly adopted it as their
own,” said Jamie Rosen, president of the company.

Comet Cursor is a patent-pending, rich media technology that lets Web sites
and Web advertisers display a customized graphic or animation in place of the
conventional “arrow” cursor.

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