CoolSavings Launches Coupon Program For Prodigy

, a provider of
targeted Internet sales promotion services, said Prodigy has signed on to make
its clippable coupon service available to Prodigy Internet members.

The service will allow Prodigy Internet subscribers to take advantage of
offers from national retailers, restaurants, travel companies and online
retailers. Prodigy Internet subscribers can print the coupons and access other
money-saving offers right from their own computers via the
CoolSavings/Prodigy Internet co-
branded Web site.
Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

“CoolSavings offers Prodigy Internet subscribers the opportunity to save
hundreds of dollars every month, potentially offsetting the cost of Prodigy’s
standard Internet connection fee,” said Matt Moog, vice president of sales
and marketing for

CoolSavings uses patented technology that permits advertisers to precisely
target offers by a range of household characteristics and shopping habits,
while still preserving members’ privacy. Users’ printers can produce
CoolSavings coupons with high-quality graphics and bar codes that cashiers can
scan at the register.

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