Coremetrics Re-brands Marketforce

Coremetrics on Monday renamed its Web analytics platform from Marketforce to Online Analytics 2004, rolling out a number of improvements designed to help clients turn information into revenue-generating action.

Like Marketforce, Online Analytics 2004 is built on Coremetric’s LIVE (lifetime individual visitor experience) profiles, which track consumers as they interact with the Web site over time. The new platform includes a “Virtual Analyst,” which provides instant analyses to help users figure out how to act upon the data.

Coremetrics hopes make analytics more useful by making it easier to act upon the information. For example, Online Analytics 2004 includes LIVEmail, which transfers LIVE profile data to a number of e-mail marketing platforms, including Digital Impact and CheetahMail.

“Everyone wants to use online information in other channels,” said Brett Hurt, chief architect of Coremetrics.

Coremetrics has gained a foothold as the analytics solution for big retailers like Victoria’s Secret and Neiman Marcus. Hurt said that last year Coremtrics tracked 5 percent of all online sales and had built over a billion LIVE profiles over the years.

Yet Coremetrics’ analytics come with a hefty price tag, running up to $45,000 per month. Realizing that many businesses getting started in analytics are unwilling to pay $10,000 or more, Coremetrics has cut its price, with service now beginning at $3,000 instead of $6,000 monthly. The average price for service is $10,000 per month.

According to a study by Jupiter Research, which is owned by the parent company of this site, DoubleClick’s SiteAdvance is the only higher priced solution on the market. Competitors like Omniture and WebsideStory offer lower priced alternatives; WebTrends, the most widely-used analytics company, is also priced lower.

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