DoubleClick Full of Beenz

Beenz, launched last March with the intention
of creating an Internet economy based on its currency incentive model, signed
a promotion deal with ad network DoubleClick Inc.

Under the terms of the agreement, DoubleClick will work with to
encourage its roster of Web sites to join the beenz program and distribute
beenz currency. In addition, will promote its product in an ad
campaign across DoubleClick’s network. Spending was not disclosed.

Beenz said that in 13 weeks, the company has developed a network of more than
135 ‘traders’ or Web sites in 15 different categories.

“In fewer than two months, the circulation of beenz across the Web has grown to more than 75 million. With the DoubleClick agreement, we are poised to build upon our strong base and
make beenz the standard form of currency on the Web,” said Philip Letts, CEO of

“ has developed an innovative marketing concept that is a natural
complement to advertising on the Web,” said Jonathan Shapiro, vice president
of business development at DoubleClick. “The universal appeal of beenz makes
it a valuable marketing tool for our sites and a fun way for consumers to
interact on the Web.”

Consumers earn the beenz electronic credits for a variety of tasks like
visiting a particular Web page or filling out a questionnaire. They can be
redeemed for items such as merchandise, discounts or upgrades. is a private company founded in 1998 and registered in the UK and
the United States with backing from private investors on both sides of the
Atlantic. functions as the portal or directory for all active beenz
promotions across the Web, grouped in categories including movies and music,
people and chat, news and media, games and parties, books, sports, malls and
stores, auctions, food and
beverages, gifts and fashion, home and garden, travel and real estate.

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