DoubleClick Launches E-Mail Product Suite

DoubleClick Inc. rolled out a suite of
e-mail products, called DARTmail, that will provide publishers and
advertisers with consent-based e-mail marketing solutions.

DARTmail for Publishers and DARTmail for Advertisers will be launched in the
first and second quarters of 2000, respectively, the company said.

The DARTmail for Publishers service will leverage DoubleClick’s patented DART
technology to enable publishers to effectively manage their e-mail ad
inventory, serve targeted ads into e-mail newsletters and deliver customized
editorial content.

DARTmail for Advertisers will offer a campaign management solution for direct
e-mail marketing, enabling advertisers to deliver personalized marketing
communications to help build long-term customer relationships.

Both products will provide enhanced reporting and tracking functionality to
facilitate ROI analysis.

“DARTmail technology solutions are being designed to offer a unique value
proposition. Clients will be able to build highly customized one-to-one
communications, and for the first time serve targeted ads dynamically into
text and HTML messages,” said Eli Chalfin, vice president and general manager
of Direct Response at DoubleClick.

For the media side of DoubleClick’s business, DoubleClick will offer DARTmail
Prospect and DARTmail Network. DARTmail Prospect, to be launched in the first
quarter of 2000, will aggregate consent-based e-mails and rent access to
targeted lists for customer acquisition.

DARTmail Network is similar to the DoubleClick ad sales Network, but will aggregate e-mail newsletter content
into affinity categories, rather than Web sites. These will be launched in
the second quarter of 2000.

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