Nortel Networks Launches Single Access Platform

Nortel Networks
announced Monday that it has launched a single access platform that will
enable service operators to deliver converged voice and data traffic to
their customers over conventional copper telephone lines.

Called Universal Edge, the new managed access product is being offered
in Europe, Asia and Latin America, where it will let ISPs sell bundled
services including data, video, fax and voice.

“Our aim is to help operators deliver high bandwidth services across
their entire network, what we call ‘megabits to the masses’,” said
Paul Adams, director, International Access at Nortel Networks.

“As bandwidth and intelligence move to the last mile, the integration
of voice and data significantly reduces the operational costs for
service operators.”

Nortel Networks says that the new platform can deliver what it
calls “true e-commerce and multimedia applications” using
ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) and SDSL
(Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line) technologies.

“Our customers care about price, reliability, services and response.
These are the four hot buttons and I think the Universal Edge helps us
deliver all of these to our customers,” said Walter Slagle, manager of
ADSL planning at Bell Atlantic.

High speed Internet services over telephone wires will compete
directly with cable and satellite offerings in the UK. This
week’s announcement from Nortel Networks strengthens the
prospects of ADSL/SDSL services by linking to high-speed optical

“The multitude of services deployable from this single platform,
coupled with our track record in building the Optical Internet,
ensures that the Universal Edge is the best in-class next
generation access platform,” said Masood Tariq, VP and general
manager of Nortel Networks’ International Optical Networks division.

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