DoubleClick Launches Value-Oriented Ad Network

Advertising leader DoubleClick
Monday launched a new mass-reach network called the Sonar Network, as the company’s answer
to 24/7 Media‘s network.

The network, which will be divided into 16 niche categories and sold on a
CPM basis, is part of DoubleClick’s effort to round out its offerings. It
already operates a “Select Network” for top branded sites, and a main
network, which is segmented by category. To cover the cost-per-click space,
DoubleClick recently made an investment and partnership with ValueClick.

The Sonar Network, which is to have a value-oriented model and a large
number of sites, is DoubleClick’s attempt to compete in the space it sees
24/7 Media as occupying. 24/7 charges a $40 CPM for a single site buy,
between $20 and $39 CPM for a content channel, and $10 to $19 CPM for a
run-of-network buy. The new network will charge a $30 CPM for a single
site, $25 CPM for a “site bundle,” and $12 CPM for a run-of-network buy.

“With the launch of the Sonar Network, DoubleClick has rounded out its
media offerings for both Web publishers and advertisers,” says Andy
Jacobson, vice president and general manager of Sonar Network.

“The addition of Sonar allows us to offer clients of all sizes the most
compelling media solution in the industry.”

The new network will be made up of sites that get a minimum of 100,000 ad
impressions monthly. So far, Sonar has 87 sites in its network, with one
billion ad impressions. Sites in the Sonar Network include Air & Space
Smithsonian Magazine, ObjectSoft, 3D
Stock Charts
, APB Online,,, AuctionWatch, and

The Sonar Network will have its own ad sales force, separate from the
DoubleClick Network. Current advertisers include, FreeLotto, RocketLinks and @Backup.

DoubleClick has recently made moves, including the addition of e-mail
marketing capabilities, to position itself as a one-stop shop for
advertisers, where they can come to make a wide variety of ad buys.

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