DoubleClick Running Political Ad

The DoubleClick network is running a series
of political ads created by Kaufman Patricof Enterprises for Evan Davis, a
candidate for the Democratic nomination for New York State Attorney General.

The ad, which highlights Davis’ stated commitment to campaign finance reform,
is the first in a series of ads that he will air on the Internet during the
campaign. It reads simply, “A candidate who will not accept corporate
contributions . . . Evan Davis for Attorney General.”

Viewers can click on the ad for direct access to Davis’ Web site.

At an online press conference held at Pseudo Studios in New York City, Davis
said, “I rely on the Internet for a great deal of information. When my wife
and I decided to adopt a child, the first place we turned for initial
information on adoptions was the Internet. I was therefore eager to
communicate with voters the same way.”

“The Internet has a very well-educated audience of users which absorbs a
great deal of information and like to have that information literally at
their fingertips,” said Kevin O’Connor, CEO of DoubleClick. “I believe that
the Internet will become an active focus of a great deal of political
activity in the future.”

“In 1996, our firm designed and maintained the Web site for the
Clinton/Gore campaign–the first of its kind for a presidential
campaign,” said Mark Patricof, president of Kaufman Patricof Enterprises.
“We are delighted that we were asked by Evan Davis to design the first of
what we hope will be many more political ads on the Internet.”

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