DoubleClick Stitches Together Search Sites

Web advertising firm DoubleClick
Wednesday introduced a new category in its business network, which
aggregates search sites and allows advertisers to buy keywords on all of
them at once.

The company said it put together the category to respond to demand by top
keyword buyers and sites. The category will launch with more than 100 million impressions, and DoubleClick estimates it will reach over one billion keyword impressions by the end of the second quarter.

“DoubleClick has created a unique opportunity for search properties to
achieve their full revenue potential,” says Jeffrey Silverman, publisher,
DoubleClick Business Network.

“Publishers can effectively monetize their keyword inventory by aggregating
their impressions with others to create enough reach in each individual

One of the first publishers to join was IntelliSeek, which operates the site and makes
BullsEye 2 software.

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