Doublespace to Launch Suite101.Com’s Marketing Campaign

Community and guide site operation Inc. said that New York-based
Doublespace will head up’s
brand and marketing campaign.

Doublespace was retained to provide creative and technical solutions that
will include advertising, brand awareness, site scaleability, e-commerce
architecture and a media plan to achieve’s target goal of
250,000 members by the end of the year.

The marketing launch date is scheduled for September 1999. Billings were not

“ has the opportunity to re-invent the way community happens
online,” said Jane Kosstrin, chief creative officer at Doublespace. “The experience will give smart people a place to thrive on the

The solution focuses on member-generated content created by Web
guides, called Contributing Editors, who scour the Internet for the best Web
sites in their areas of expertise.

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