Dynamic Logic Rolls Out Cross-Media Research Tool

Just a week after trumpeting the cross-media research it’s done for the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Dynamic Logic has launched a commercial version of the research product to gauge the Internet’s effectiveness in ad campaigns using a variety of media.

CrossMedia Research is meant to give advertisers hard data showing interactive advertising’s branding effectiveness, taking into account that agencies and advertisers increasingly integrate online into campaigns that also use traditional media, such as TV, radio and print.

“Advertisers know that media channels are fragmenting and they have to reach their audience across multiple points of contact,” said Jeffrey Graham, Dynamic Logic’s vice president of client development. “They want to know what they should use online for and how should it fit into their media mix.”

Dynamic Logic said CrossMedia Research would go a long way toward answering some of the questions advertisers have about interactive advertising’s promise. The research product will measure media channels’ effectiveness across key metrics; the result of combining online and offline ads; and which media most influenced audiences.

“I think it’s a sign of maturity in the online ad industry and for the advertisers,” Graham said. “The industry is no longer selling online as a standalone component. And for advertisers, they are realizing they have to reach their audience online and they’re beginning to ask how and to what objectives.”

As an example, Graham said Dynamic Logic studied the interactions between Internet and radio in an ad campaign for a packaged goods advertiser. The company found that the Web and radio complemented each other, with the Web faring better at building sponsorship and message association, and radio doing a better job promoting brand awareness and purchase intent.

“We found the combined effects exceeded individidual components,” Graham said.

Dynamic Logic said major traditional advertisers like Colgate-Palmolive, Kimberly Clark, and Johnson & Johnson were currently using its CrossMedia Research tool, as part of the IAB’s Cross-Media Optimization Study. In addition, Graham said a dozen other companies had signed up for CrossMedia studies.

At the IAB’s annual meeting last week, Dynamic Logic and research firm Marketing Evolution unveied an IAB-sponsored case study showing how McDonald’s built brand awareness by devoting more resources to Internet advertising as part of a cross-media campaign to trumpet a new chicken sandwich.

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