e-bidd.com Signs PR Agency

Media marketplace and auction technology firm e-bidd.com signed with Meir Kahtan, Public Relations, a division
of Miller Advertising Agency Inc. for promotional and business consulting and an extensive public relations

Meir Kahtan will identify promotional opportunities and news coverage for
e-bidd.com’s activities, acquisitions, strategic alliances, and emergence in
online media auctions.

An advertising campaign to support the public relations process will be
developed later. Billings were not disclosed.

“We see enormous growth potential for online auction companies and the
auctioning of niche advertising products through a controlled forum,” said
Meir Kahtan.

“Ultimately, ad buyers and media planners will want to go to one
source for all their business needs. The Internet provides the ultimate
platform for this and the site with the most comprehensive inventory wins.
This is the vision we are creating on behalf of e-bidd.”

e-bidd operates a media marketplace called Banner-Auctions.com.

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