eBay Expands Promo Relationship With Netscape

Person-to-person auction site eBay signed an agreement with
Netscape Communications Corp. expanding their relationship to promote eBay
services on the Netscape Netcenter portal.

The agreement includes several levels of promotional integration between
the two companies, enabling Netcenter users to y link to the more than 1.4
million items available for auction each day on eBay. Financial arrangements
were not disclosed.

For more than a year, eBay has been a “distinguished provider” on Netscape’s
Netcenter site. The new agreement will allow eBay to gain exposure from
targeted placements on the Netcenter homepage and across key channels.

eBay will be accessible from two bookmarks that will be included on Netscape
Communicator (version 4.0 and higher) client software. eBay will also be
featured in key word banner ads in the new Netscape Open Directory service.

In addition, Netscape will provide exposure to European and Canadian
audiences, coinciding with the launch of eBay’s international pages in Canada
and the United Kingdom this month.

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