EBN Launches Network Affiliate Program for Banner Ad Service

Electronic Business Network (EBN), a
Florida-based traffic building service, said that Traffic Director, its banner
advertising campaign management division, will be accepting Network

EBN said it offers banner advertising across a network of thousands of smaller
Web sites that generate significant traffic. Network Affiliates will co-own
hundred-site “stations” and will be trained to run these, sharing in the
advertising revenues which come from the banners in place on the sites, the
company said.

The Electronic Business Network claims 30 million visitors per month,
generating 150 million banner impressions per month. Network Affiliates are
required to invest $180,000 to own 1,000 sites with potential earnings of
$350,000 in their first month, the company said. Stations of 100, 500, and
10,000 sites are also available.

Be advised that the EBN’s Web site has this to say: “The most cost effective advertising in history has just become even cheaper! How did we do it? By tapping the highest trafficked area of the internet, the adult entertainment sector, and redirecting that traffic to YOUR site!”

Traffic Director has several banner advertising contracts in the works,
including a signed contract with the leading online computer auction, Z
Auction, for over $1 million spanning a three year period, the company said.

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