EBT Inc. Launches Web Site for Outdoor Advertisers

SI Diamond Technology Inc.’s subsidiary EBT Inc. launched ebillboard.net, a dedicated Web site
designed to use the company’s proprietary system and software to benefit the
outdoor advertising community.

The new site will allow outdoor advertisers to send images over the Internet
onto an electronic billboard of their choice. Outdoor advertising on the Web
will open the billboard industry to limitless opportunities with regard to
the placement and timing of advertisements across the country, the company

“I am pleased to be able to offer this Internet capability to our customers
as part of our VERSAtile electronic billboard package,” said Marc Eller,
chairman and CEO.

SI Diamond Technology is a holding company consisting of two subsidiaries.
The Field Emission Picture Element Technology (FEPET), a majority owned
subsidiary, is developing products for applications utilizing SIDT’s
proprietary field emission technology. Electronic Billboard Technology (EBT),
a wholly owned subsidiary, is geared toward the commercialization of
electronic digitized sign technology.

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