Engage Technologies, Net Perceptions Integrate Products

Engage Technologies and Net Perceptions Inc. established a strategic partnership that combines Engage’s precision profiling technology and Net Perception’s recommendation engine technology.

Planet Direct and Ticketmaster are among the first clients to benefit from the integration of these technologies.

“Net Perceptions’ strong reputation in the personalization marketplace coupled
with Engage’s innovative precision profiling technologies provides customers
with the best solution for online marketing and advertising applications,”
said Paul Schaut, Engage CEO. “For the first time, our joint customers will
have the benefit of using best-of-breed technologies that offer unparalleled
targeting, and flexibility to build leading-edge personalization solutions
unmatched in the industry.”

The joint solution raises to new heights the level of visitor interaction and
content personalization currently available to Web sites, the firms said, adding that with the newly integrated solution, visitor profiles are created and updated by Engage
Technologies’ precision profiling technology each time a user returns to the site.

The Net Perceptions’ GroupLens Recommendation Engine uses these Precision
Profiles to analyze individual interests and make recommendations to ensure a
visitor quickly and easily finds information and events of interest to them.
In addition, GroupLens can use the date found in the Precision Profiles to
make recommendations on other areas or additional events that may be of
interest creating an overall richer experience for the visitor.

“With these technologies, Web sites are able to interact with their visitors
one-to-one, in a highly focused manner,” said Steven Snyder, president and CEO
of Net Perceptions. “This procedure actually benefits both the Web site and
visitor. The visitor is made aware of the most personally relevant information
to them, and the Web site maximizes its interaction with visitors by giving
them the information most likely to result in a sale or a revisit.”

Planet Direct, a personalized Web service, is taking advantage of the integration by launching a new model for one-to-one marketing, integrating Engage Technologies’ online precision profiling, Net Perceptions’ GroupLens Recommendation Engine and NetGravity’s online marketing technology, the company stated.

This combination of profiling, collaborative filtering and ad serving results in a personalized and targeted delivery system never before available, the firm said.

“We are pleased to be the first organization to benefit from this powerful
relationship between Engage Technologies and Net Perceptions,” said Hans
Hawrysz, president and CEO of Planet Direct. “This combination of profiling
and collaborative filtering offers Planet Direct partners a highly
personalized and targeted delivery system to achieve greater clickthrough
rates and an increased return on investment.”

Ticketmaster also purchased the Engage/GroupLens solution to personalize
online ticketing and provide customized content on its site.

“By utilizing Engage’s precision profiles and Net Perceptions’ GroupLens in
tandem, we’re offering value-added service to our Internet consumers by
targeting relevant content that appeals to them individually. At the same time
we’re increasing the revenue potential at our site,” said Robert Perkins, vice
president, Ticketmaster Multimedia. “Ticketmaster’s online commerce has grown
to more than $10 million in monthly sales, and we believe the addition of such
sophisticated content targeting will further enhance this growth.”

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