Enterprise NewsMedia Signs With Thomson Interactive

Thomson Interactive Media
(TIM) said it was selected by Enterprise NewsMedia Inc. to
publish the Internet classified and display ads for the company’s 11

Starting with TIM’s Classified IQ, the flagship product in its suite of online
solutions, Enterprise, which serves communities in coastal Massachusetts, will
later use TIM’s Directory Express (guides and yellow pages) and SiteCrafter
Web development products.

“We were most
impressed by TIM’s superior products and services,” said Jim Plugh,
president and CEO of Enterprise NewsMedia. “Other vendors have tried to
sell us products that don’t quite exist or are still vaporware. So we went
with TIM because it offers a suite of existing products that have a proven and
profitable track record within the media industry.”

TIM said its clients are able to build their online business transparently by
empowering their communities as local portals to the Internet. TIM clients
include The Tampa Tribune, Editor & Publisher, Newsday, Houston Chronicle, Guy
Gannett Communications, Media General, the Ontario Community Newspaper
and Thomson Newspapers.

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