EWRX Taps Adsmart to Sell, Serve its Ads

EWRX, a company that operates specialty
automotive sites, and whose name is pronounced e-works, this week chose CMGI-owned Adsmart to rep its sites, joining the
company’s Automotive Network.

What that means, exactly, remains to be seen, since Adsmart, and sister ad
network, Flycast Communications, are
set to be acquired by Engage
. The shape that the company will take is still being
worked out.

Still, the deal definitely lets Adsmart sell ads on EWRX sites, which
include www.classicar.com , www.classictruckshop.com and www.motorhood.com.

EWRX will continue to sell ads through its in-house sales department, which
has close working relationships with many auto aftermarket and specialty
vendors and manufacturers.

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