Execs & Accounts for January 26, 2004

Circuit City has handed its interactive advertising business to Sharpe Partners. Sharpe will provide strategic planning, creative development, media planning, and optimization for all the retailer’s online campaigns.

“Sharpe Partners impressed us with its considerable strategic thinking, its dynamic creative and its proven ability to deliver results-driven online marketing programs,” said Fiona Dias, president of Circuit City Direct.

Jeremiah Treacy has joined Quris as executive creative director, heading up creative services for clients including Blockbuster, Charles Schwab and MBNA. Treacy has worked for J. Walter Thompson, Ketchum, FCB and other agencies developing brand strategies for Swenson’s Ice Cream, Odwalla, Neutrogena, Charles Schwab and eBay, among others.

Entrepreneur.com has returned its e-mail list management business to NetCreations after switching to Worldata for a stint.

“With ever-increasing scrutiny being placed on privacy, we felt going back to the
double opt-in process was an avenue we had to take to continue to insure the
integrity of our lists and the subscribers that are a part of that
experience,” said Chuck Fuller, VP of Web development for Entrepreneur.com.

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