Execs and Accounts for February 12, 2003

New York Life Insurance Company has selected Digital Impact to create and execute online direct marketing campaigns to help it better communicate with its large customer base.

“Working with Digital Impact will help our marketing team build strong one-to-one relationships with our valued customers,” said Michael Battaglino, assistant VP of Internet marketing at New York Life.

Squeaky Wheel Media, an interactive agency specializing in Web-based creative services, has launched the first phase of a Web site initiative for the Pepsi-owned beverage company SoBe.

The site relaunched this week after Sobe’s escalating product line and market promotions demanded further online development. Working closely with SoBe, Squeaky Wheel Media created what it called “a more enhanced, accessible and cutting-edge position for the beverage company.” The site has a redesigned interface and content navigation system, including message boards, polling, e-commerce, newsletters, downloads, and photo/video galleries.

“The online position of SoBe will keep growing gradually with the homepage feature changing on a monthly basis in an effort to keep the audience engaged,” said Ed Mullen, Squeaky Wheel’s creative director.

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Search engine marketer MoreVisibility.com has agreed with WebGenius founder Peter Stein to transition his clients to MoreVisibility.com. WebGenius, an early player in the cost-per-click model of search engine marketing, has more than 200 international clients.

“MoreVisibility.com welcomes the opportunity to work with Stein. We look forward to managing this initiative,” said Dennis Pushkin, CEO of MoreVisibility.com. “The relationship with Stein allows us further entry into the cost-per-click (CPC) business model of search engine marketing.”

The iFirm recently launched a new Web site for VitalToys.com, which designs and manufactures celebrity action figures such as Snoop Dogg, Desperately Seeking Susan as Madonna, and Rocky. The site features a video section called Vital TV, where users can stream all of Snoop Dogg’s music videos.

Additionally, The iFirm is planning the role out of an online marketing campaign for Vital Toys, designed to create awareness, drive traffic and capture data.

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