Execs and Accounts for June 3, 2002

AT&T has unveiled a redesigned homepage for its Worldnet Service with enhanced feature functionality and new content from ABC News, E! Online, DealTime, RadioAMP and FeedRoom. The revamped homepage offers a streamlined layout and new graphics. A new Web Channels section helps surfers find key content quickly, and users can customize the page with personalized features and content, including news, stocks, local weather and entertainment news. The new homepage also incorporates a simplified registration client, making it easier than ever for consumers to switch to AT&T . Additionally, Google will begin powering the site’s Web searches in the coming weeks as part of an agreement reached late last week.

“We’re evolving the AT&T Worldnet site to better reflect the sophistication of our members, and to entice potential switchers to take the service for a test drive,” said Jim Davey, vice president of partnership marketing and site services for AT&T Worldnet Service.

Interactive agency R/GA, a subsidiary of Interpublic, has launched a redesigned gateway site for the Smithsonian Institution, the world’s largest museum and research complex. The site is designed to provide a streamlined user experience, allowing easier access to the institution’s immense body of information, artifacts and imagery — all of which is housed in a network of 16 museums, the National Zoo and 60 affiliated sites. Pivotal to the design of the home page is the creation of a highlights section, which draws exhibition information from the various museums, and an improved navigation system that can sort content by museum, subject, or date. The site was created using XML technology.

“We were delighted to work with Smithsonian on the creation of this landmark project and to develop solutions for the numerous challenges”, says Ted Metcalfe, senior interaction designer from R/GA. Continuing, “Producing a portal with access to the tremendous collection of artifacts and images from the Smithsonian as well as creating an intuitive user experience were essential components to the success of the new site.”

R/GA also recently created a new site for Web service provider Optimum Online. New site features include an online questionnaire that guides potential customers through installation qualifications, an e-commerce platform, cross-selling functions and CRM tools. The site is also equipped with an online speed demo that illustrates the difference in download times between a cable modem to that of a dial-up.

Direct marketing firm SmartDM has been selected to provide e-mail marketing and data management services to Kroenke Sports Enterprises, owner of the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets. KSE will use SmartDM’s proprietary campaign management system, [email protected], to manage all current and prospective customer data, conduct targeted e-mail marketing campaigns and also provide analytic services to leverage customer data with an eye toward improved profitability.

“In today’s competitive environment, sports teams and entertainment venues need every advantage possible. We’re excited to partner with the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets to help them apply smart direct marketing practices to their various business operations,” said Jay Graves, president of SmartDM.

SmartDM’s portfolio of sports clients also includes the NHL’s Nashville Predators and Columbus Blue Jackets.

Clothes retailer Syms Corp has launched a Web site with fashion resources for job seekers and college students looking to compete in a tight labor market. According to Syms, the “Syms Dress For Success” program will provide job hunters and college students with research-based fashion and style recommendations. The program will use exclusive polling data from National Research. The program marks a marketing shift for the 42-store clothing company, which has traditionally targeted an older population.

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