Execs and Accounts for May 7, 2003

FindWhat.com has promoted John Moran to vice president of operations. Moran joined FindWhat.com in October 2001 as director of business affairs. He has served at the executive or board level for businesses ranging from sporting goods to e-mail marketing.

“John has been incredibly effective in handling the business affairs of FindWhat.com during a period of dramatic and fast-paced growth,” said Phillip Thune, COO and CFO of FindWhat.com. “We needed someone to fill this vital role that had his intimate knowledge of the company.”

Advertising.com has joined the Network Advertising Initiative’s (NAI) e-mail service provider coalition, which was formed in January to advocate the interests of legitimate, opt-in e-mail marketers. The online marketer will serve on the coalition’s legislative, technology and communications committees.

“By joining the service provider coalition, Advertising.com is uniting with other legitimate providers to develop e-mail marketing standards that will better serve our collective needs and the needs of our subscribers,” said Scott Ferber, Advertising.com’s CEO. “Only by working together can we ensure the continued growth and acceptance of e-mail as an essential marketing medium.”

MTH Electric Trains has signed a distribution deal with the G3 Group. Under the pact, MTH will provide its 1,100 retailers with G3’s Targetware interactive marketing software. Each of the stores will use Targetware, branded as RailMail, to send out e-mails for specialized trains and to bring customers into the store.

“We wanted to provide our partners all the benefits the Internet can bring to smaller, independent stores: targeting select groups of people for special products in a cost-effective manner,” said Andy Edleman, VP of marketing at MTH Electric Trains.

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