ExperTelligence Launches Query-based Banner Exchange

ExperTelligence Inc., a Web database server technology
company, launched WebData, a database-only portal site, and
the WebData Network, a service featuring
a query-based banner ad exchange.

The WebData Network, a link exchange for Web databases, is highlighted by the
industry’s only interactive query-based banner ads, the company said. When a
banner is clicked, it instantly takes the user to the results of the related database
query through an embedded form in the ad. The value to advertisers is the high
click-through ratio, ExperTelligence said.

“The WebData Network is ideally suited to database sites because banner
queries instantly send users to the related database and display the results,” said Robert Reali, vice president of ExperTelligence. “The banner ads are not just a static image, but an interactive tool to draw
users to our clients’ sites.” is built upon a proprietary intelligent agent and HTML parsing
technology that collects, organizes and builds relationships between
searchable databases.
This allows a user who needs concrete data, which can be difficult to find
using conventional search engines, to locate the appropriate database

“Finding a database on the Web was like finding a needle in a haystack,” said
Denison Bollay, president of ExperTelligence.” catalogues
only databases, and uses a patent-pending user interface to provide rapid
access to them.”

Founded in 1984, ExperTelligence is an Internet software and consulting
company that specializes in the development and hosting of Web database and
electronic commerce application solutions, using its flagship products WebBase
and ExperForms. Clients include Lockheed-Martin, Ameritech, EDS, MCI, GTE,
Hewlett Packard, Siemens, Entergy, USX, Xerox, Bethlehem Steel, Bose, Bellcore, the United States Air
Force, Army and Navy and NASA, among others.

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