EZbid Auction TV Campaign Begins

Port Washington, NY-based Global DirectMail Corp., a
direct marketer of computer products, launched a television campaign for www.EZbid.com, Global’s Internet auction site.

The commercials will be seen on popular cable channels including Bravo, The
History Channel, The Travel Channel, Court TV and The Knowledge Channel.
Spending details were not disclosed.

“Cable television offers a unique demographic model that allows us to direct our message to a high percentage
of Internet users, providing us with cost-effective, targeted exposure to
expand our reach,” said Paul Mandel, president of EZbid. “This initial commercial launch will set the stage for even
greater exposure in the future.”

Launched September 1998, EZbid.com has hosted more than 20,000 auctions. Year
to date, the site claims more than 180,000 registered participants and more
than 4 million hits, the company said.

Product offerings have been expanded from computers and accessories to
include household appliances, consumer electronics and even a special auction
for a 1999 Harley Davidson motorcycle.

After a little more than a year, Global’s more than 18 e-commerce Web sites
are currently generating more than $80 million in sales on an annualized
basis, the company said. E-commerce Web sites in North America and Europe
include www.globalcomputer.com, www.globaldirect.co.uk, www.dartek.com,
www.mwmicro.com, www.tigerdirect.com, www.systemaxpc.com,
www.globalindustrial.com, www.instantsoftware.com, www.misco.co.uk,
www.miscousa.com, www.dabus.se, www.06.nu, and www.simply.co.uk.

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