Lands’ End Begins TV Campaign to Boost Internet Site

Dodgeville, WI-based clothing retailer Land’s End Inc. launched a TV ad
campaign designed to increase traffic at its Web shopping site.

Lands’ End said the goal of the campaign, by New York agency Biederman,
Kelly, Krimstein and Partners, is not only to attract new customers to the
site, but also to show existing catalog shoppers conveniences unique to the
Web. Billings were not disclosed.

Two new 15-second TV ads were to appear on the CNN and CNN Headline News
cable services.

One, called “Wouldn’t It Be Great?” shows women customers how to build and
store a 3-D model of themselves, recommends flattering outfits and suggests
sizes based on specific measurements. The second ad, “So Many Shirts” reduces
men’s dress shirt options from several hundred to only those that fit a
customer’s needs.

Land’s End, which launched its Web site in 1995, reported Internet sales of
$61 million and 15 million visits to the site in 1998, according to Reuters.

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