Flycast Awarded Patent for Ad Network Serving System

Ad network Flycast Communications said that it
received U.S. patent protection for its real-time Internet Advertising system.

The patent gives Flycast broad protection over serving Web advertisements
targeted to yield an actionable viewer response, the company said.

Flycast said its system leverages an intelligent “response engine” that
selects among various ad campaigns based upon the relative attractiveness or
“fit” with the site content, viewer profile or other criteria. Advertisers use
this system to assure that their media buys on Flycast meet or exceed their
ROI targets.

“Flycast’s system was built from the ground up to deliver the maximum return
to advertisers,” said George Garrick, CEO and president of Flycast. “Our
clients measure success in quantifiable terms. Flycast supports that strategy
by targeting dynamically, based on the likelihood that the consumer will
respond to the ad.”

Flycast said it enables advertisers to make changes on the fly in response to real-
time campaign results. Flycast claims to reach more than 10 million people a

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