Flycast Stakes Out Pay-Per-Click Space

In an environment in which marketers are looking for alternatives to traditional CPM-based advertising, Flycast is rolling out a new ad network based on what it calls a cost-per-click model.

The San Francisco-based company, which recently agreed to merge with CMGI Inc. (CMGI), is calling the new offering CPCnet.

The company touts the new move as a way for advertisers to ensure they’re paying only for performance, and it says smaller publishers – which wouldn’t normally have enough inventory to participate in an ad network – will be able to join CPCnet.

“Over the past several months we’ve introduced several new products and services that provide advertisers with multiple additional ‘channels’ to reach online audiences, and to provide web sites with increased revenue opportunities,” said George Garrick, chairman and CEO of Flycast (FCST).

“Flycast CPCnet is the latest in our extensive menu of services comprising the most extensive suite of online direct marketing solutions in the industry.”

Initially, advertisers will pay 40 cents per click for a run of network ad. Category buys will cost 60 cents per click.

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