Fun With Figures, Part Two

Sooner or later we’ll get tired of this “my network is bigger than your network” game and stop writing about it, but for now, here is another claim, based on the recent RelevantKnowledge ad network report.

LinkExchange said in a press release the report shows that it reaches more people than any other network on the Web–39.9 percent of unique Web users during the month of June, followed by DoubleClick, Flycast and Burst! Media, for which figures were not provided.

RelevantKnowledge itself did not release specifics, apparently hoping to avoid
the sort of tit-for-tat business that resulted in warring press releases over
recent Media Metrix figures.

A Link Exchange spokesman, however, e-mailed us the figures, saying “the exact
numbers from RelevantKnowledge are:

  • LinkExchange: 39.9%
  • DoubleClick: 33.4%
  • Flycast: 18.7%
  • Burst! Media: 10.6%
  • ZuluMedia: 4.0%

      (24/7 did not serve their own ads during June so they were not measured.)”

      “These results verify that advertisers can reach customers as effectively by
      purchasing ads on ad networks like LinkExchange as they can purchasing banners
      on some of the most highly-trafficked web media properties such as Yahoo! and
      Netscape,” said Mark Bozzini, CEO of LinkExchange.

      The results of the RelevantKnowledge report reflect the “actual” reach of
      advertising networks, meaning the percentage of unique Web users that
      actually viewed an ad delivered by the network, LinkExchange said.

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