Adds 5,000 Advertisers in Two Months

Pay for placement search engine said it has added about 5,000 new
advertisers to its program, a 50 percent increase since June 1999, bringing
the advertiser base to more than 15,000.

The company also has launched two new payment programs for advertisers and
the “Net Pricing” program for advertising agencies.

In the second quarter of 1999, GoTo said it provided its advertisers with
more than 31 million click-throughs to self-qualified consumers, more than
twice the number from the previous quarter.

In a recent custom report, Media Metrix reported’s July
network reach to be more than 12 million unique visitors, including all
traffic directly visiting the site or visiting a site using GoTo’s
Search Syndication Network.

The “Net Pricing” program provides a 15 percent commission to recognized
agencies whose clients advertise on GoTo.

It also offers extends payment
terms to 80 days recognizing that agencies need greater flexibility in
billing because of their representative relationships.

The other new programs are a “Non-Stop Traffic” plan that enables advertisers
to pre-authorize an ongoing payment for the traffic they receive; and the
“Fixed Budget” program that allows advertisers to select a fixed monthly
payment, and manage their advertising expenditures against the pre-determined
amounts. advertisers bid in an ongoing auction for priority placement in the
search results with the highest bidder’s site appearing first in the results.

Each advertiser pays the amount of its bid whenever a consumer
clicks on an advertiser’s listing in the search results.

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