Scores No. 1 Banner Spot

[October 5, 1998] Here are the top 10 ad banners for the week of Sept.
20-26, according to NetRatings’ BannerTrack
syndicated ad research service.

  1. Type in what you’re looking for
  2. Bonzi: Speed up Internet Connection
  3. Catalog Link: You don’t have to go great lengths
  4. Catalog Link: Click here, free catalogs
  5. Catalog Link: Gift ideas for the love of your life
  6. Deja News: Who’s your favorite artist?
  7. BonusMail: What’s your new favorite CD?
  8. Bonus Mail: Are you into free stuff?
  9. Get the best deal now
  10. Deja News: What’s your favorite TV show?

Rankings are based on measurement of Web activity by a representative panel of
over 3,500 Internet users 18 years and older who access the Web from home.

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