Headhunter.net, NBCi Ink Distribution, Promotion Deal

NBC Internet, which includes Snap, XOOM.com, Friday announced
a wide-ranging deal with jobs site Headhunter.net.

Although specific financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, the
companies said it was a multi-million dollar pact.

The agreement integrates Headhunter.net’s job searching capabilities into
NBCi’s flagship Snap portal. These services will be highlighted on Snap
television advertisements to air on the NBC Television network, as well as
in radio spots.

“This deal represents the type of alliance unique to NBCi, packaging
together brand-building and traffic-driving opportunities on the Internet,
network television and radio,” says Edmond Sanctis, president and COO of NBCi.

In recent days, NBCi has signed a flurry of content and e-commerce deals,
but none of the others have featured the traditional media advertising that
Headhunter.net received.

The company, which went public Nov. 30, is expected to add even more TV
capabilities to its arsenal. In September, NBCi announced it would closely
align Value Vision the TV shopping channel with Snap, renaming it as
SnapTV. The move likely means we’ll see more alliances like the one between
Headhunter.net and NBCi, in which the usual portal placements are combined
with TV exposure.

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