HEAT.NET and @Home Network Launch TV Campaign

SegaSoft’s HEAT.NET, the free online gaming service, and
@Home Network launched a TV ad campaign to
promote online gaming during the key holiday game-buying season.

The first television advertising campaign for an Internet gaming service, the
30-second “@Home Ignites HEAT.NET” spot starts airing this week and will
continue into 1999. The spot will be clustered on gamer-oriented cable
channels carried by @Home Network cable partners.

“Online gaming is all about the thrill of playing against live opponents, and
television advertising communicates the thrill better than any other medium,
short of actually playing the games,” said Rich Pearson, director of marketing
at HEAT.NET, which has a partner deal with @Home.

Produced by RDA International, New York, the “@Home Ignites HEAT.NET” spot
features action footage from six of the most popular multi-player titles now
available on HEAT.NET: Battlezone, Plane Crazy, Quake II, Sin, Unreal and
Vigilance. Spending was not disclosed.

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