Hiwire Unveils Targeted Ad Network for Streaming Media

Advertising firm Hiwire Inc. on Tuesday
launched a beta test of its ad insertion network for streaming media, a
system which allows for the targeting of ads based on demographic data
about the viewer or listener.

has built a platform for targeting ads on its platform, in conjunction with
Engage, DoubleClick and
Real Media. Engage also has
developed a way to target ads in Microsoft‘s Windows
Media Player.

“Broadcasters are now able to recoup their streaming costs and generate
premium revenue from their online listeners. The ability to directly target
listeners in a live stream is an industry milestone — and just the
beginning for Hiwire,” said Warren Schlichting, chief executive officer of

“What we are offering netcasters is a continuous revenue solution that will
eventually work on all platforms and with both audio and video.”

Currently, the Hiwire technology works with Windows Media and the company
says it will soon work with Real and Quicktime formats.

Hiwire is a private firm whose investors include Grey Advertising’s venture
arm, Grey Ventures.

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