Hollywood Stock Exchange Launches Online Marketing Programs

The Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX), an entertainment site featuring virtual stock trading in movies, introduced “Hot Tips” and “My Sponsor,” two marketing programs designed to integrate advertisers into the content on HSX.com.

Daily hot tips, courtesy of industry insiders and trader submissions, are designed to provide
traders with relevant trading advice based on industry news, rumors, and
historical box office reports. A “Hot Tip” wrap is randomly attached to an
advertiser’s ad banner; as traders click for the hot tip they are taken to the
featured advertisers Web site, the company said.

“My Sponsor” is a one-to-one, pay-per-user marketing opportunity that allows a
trader to select one of 10 consumer product companies to sponsor their trading
activities for 30 days. Advertisers are able to integrate their products into
a trader’s portfolio page through branding, product links, screensavers,
survey questions and special offers, the firm noted, adding that the sponsor subsidizes trading
commissions on all transactions the user makes within the month.

At HSX, participants “trade virtual millions in MovieStocks–real films
assigned a value based on buzz and box office–and StarBonds: from triple-A
superstars to aspiring C-graders.” For example, “The Avengers” was down $1.52
yesterday to $46.64.

“Our goal is to bring new elements to the Exchange that create additional value for
consumers and advertisers alike,” said Douglas Scott, vice president of sales and marketing at HSX.. “Since launching “Hot Tips,” we have seen our clickthrough rate increase over 300%. We want to create an association between our advertisers and our content; through these programs our advertisers are
contributing to the experience of the Hollywood Stock Exchange and actually
enhancing it.”

The Hollywood Stock Exchange was launched in January of 1997 by HSX Holdings
Inc. and now claims 117,000 registered traders representing 120 countries.
HSX.com is a 24 x 7 “stock market,” original entertainment publisher and
virtual investment bank.

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