HomeAdvisor.com Launches First Offline Campaign

Inviting consumers to “Make Yourself at Home,” HomeAdvisor.com on Wednesday kicked
off its first offline campaign, in an effort to help the brand stand out in
the crowded home, real estate, and mortgage space.

The campaign, designed by McCann-Erickson Seattle, positions
HomeAdvisor.com as the brand that recognizes the role homes play in
people’s lives. Campaign components include television, radio, print,
outdoor and online advertising. Spending wasn’t disclosed, but the effort
was described as a “multi-million dollar” campaign.

“This category is crowded with sites that focus exclusively on the finite
transactions associated with finding and buying a home,” said Ian Morris,
product unit manager for the HomeAdvisor.com division of HomeAdvisor
Technologies Inc.

“By moving beyond real estate listings and mortgages to address the full
life cycle of home ownership, we believe we can establish a much more
meaningful and long-term relationship with consumers.”

In one television spot, the three little pigs use HomeAdvisor.com to find
the perfect home. In another, a prison inmate has used the site to turn his
cell into a model home. Radio, print, outdoor, and online ads use similar
themes. Traditional advertising will run in seven major markets, while
online ads will run nationally.

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